Don't Miss Your Life AUDIO read by ME

  • Do you feel like you need a "get out of jail free" card for your fun-impaired, spiritually-constipated, fear-laden self?
  • Do you wonder how you became so bound up in deadlines, fear, and fretting when you'd rather be jazzed, energized, and refueled by curiosity and awe?
  • Does it seem that even a hermit crab has a cheerier life than you? But like the hermit crab, you climb from one dark shell right into the next?

Charlene Baumbich has news for you. God is wooing you to live life to the fullest! Don't Miss Your Life! shows you how to slow down, wake up, let go, hold on and LIVE!

"We are so busy running our lives that we often aren't enjoying them, giving thanks for them, or realizing our joy and potential," Charlene writes. "But if you learn the lively, releasing art of listening to and mining your own stories, you'll discover that your life is far better than you think!

Enjoy real-life stories that will fire your imagination, soothe your jangled mood, remind you of your identity, and renew your hope. Stories that, like parables, present you with your own ah-ha! moments and help you laugh, especially at yourself, even if you don't remember how. And guess what? God is writing your story, too--and it is a great story! Discover how to create your own Memory Portfolio (and no, this is not about scrapbooking), as you explore your own special moments, recognize God's hand at work in your life, and emerge with more freedom, grace and laughter than you can imagine.

Enjoy the most important gift you've been given- a mega gift that is so easy to forget-your one and only, true-self, God-breathed life. Don't miss it!

Check out (mostly page two) You'll be able to see photographs of some of the fun things I talk about!


I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to read my own FLAGSHIP book! Believe me, I have no respect for audio book readers. The thing about listening to DON'T MISS YOUR LIFE! read by me is that you can hear the true inflections--the passion and emotional response--as I read. I'm told it really makes the stories come alive.

Of course the actual book is sold in book stores and online, but I'm offering a special deal on this audio--WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Don't Miss Your Life AUDIO read by ME
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